Holy Julio dark

Rayne grew up in Ohio, and was baptized at First Baptist Church of Akron, OH at the age of eight, although at the time he did not have a full understanding of this decision. He and his family soon moved and spent the next seven years managing and maintaining a Baptist youth camp and retreat center in central Ohio. Here, Rayne had the benefit of learning from numerous pastors and counselors as they passed through the camp. He also learned the importance of healthy Christian community, and developed a love for God’s wonderful creation.

During his sophomore year in high school, while on a youth retreat, Rayne had an incredible experience with the agape love of God and heard the voice of the Holy Spirit for the first time. It was here that Rayne matured into his decision to follow Christ and began teaching others through small groups, preaching, outreach ministry, and even a self-published bi-monthly newsletter.

Rayne received his education at Judson University in Elgin, IL, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Here, he ripened a love of movies into a passion for story and storytelling, focusing on screenwriting and filmmaking. He spent several months traveling across Europe filming for a documentary about the apparent death of the church in that continent. In school he was able to further feed his intellectual love of God, but in his heart knew that there must be more.

After graduating and working for himself as a private video contractor, Rayne assisted independent filmmaker Darren Wilson in his production of the documentary “Finger of God,” at which time he met revivalist Jeff Jansen. His experience with Finger of God opened the floodgate of his heart and allowed the Spirit to pour through in new and profound ways. Shortly after this first experience Rayne moved to Nashville, TN to work with Jeff Jansen and Global Fire Ministries as Media Producer.

Rayne is an ordained and fully licensed minister of Jesus Christ. He believes a renaissance is coming into Christian media as we we get nearer to the heart of our Creator. He has a heart for Intimacy with the Father and to see people loosed from strongholds and addictions so that they can experience true communion with our God.


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